Story one coffee at a time

We are a small yet obsessed team that loves exploring various roasteries around the world. Our mantra is that great coffee deserves an outstanding company, so we welcome everyone.
Coffee geeks, friends, travelers, teammates, random folks, foreigners, you are all awaited in our tiny coffee shop.
Pets are allowed too, so please bring them. Hugs, play, and water are for free and forever!

Navar Team Vlad, Adriana, Tudor, Bogdan, Ivan & Larisa

Roasteries we love

A growing and exquisite collection


A small specialty coffee Roastery based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Founded by long time coffee industry professionals Ben Morrow and Esther Maasdam. 


We are a micro roastery based in Amsterdam, sourcing and roasting the best, most interesting coffee we can find. Our focus is on providing consistent, high quality roasted coffee beans.


SLOANE coffee shop is one of the main places that put Romania on the map of specialty coffee.The story of the name of the shop, SLOANE, has its roots in British culture.

Our tiny coffee shop

Coffee for picky tastes

The beauty of coffee lies in its power of bringing people together. Whether you are a black coffee fan, a cortado aficionado, or someone who loves the mix of milk, coffee, and ice, we got you covered. Come join us over a tasty cup on Stefan cel Mare street in Iasi, Romania. Walk carefully because we’re discreet and mark our presence with gentleness. Let yourself be guided by the stunning smell of fresh coffee and you will find us.

Coffee is complex and fun

Specialty coffee comes in a wide range of flavors and shapes. We appreciate a well-extracted espresso as much as we indulge ourselves with a delicious brew made with patience and care. Each of them has a story to share. Whatever you choose is just fine. But we dare to push you to experiment a little bit, too. In the end, this is what makes coffee so special: its diversity.

Chill atmosphere

We have always defined ourselves as being relaxed and friendly. While the specialty coffee playground got more pretentious concerning the craft itself, we genuinely believe that, at the end of the day, it’s all about great people and empowering conversations over a cup of tasty coffee. Visit us to slow down and take a breath from all the noise out there.