Our Tiny Menu

Black Coffee


10 Lei

Double Espresso, 40 ml

Long Black

10 Lei

40ml Espresso, 120 ml hot water

V60 / Aeropress

16 Lei

Handbrew Filter Coffee, 250 ml

Special Brew

22/25 Lei

Rare Coffees brewed with V60 or GEM

White Coffee


12 Lei

Double espresso, milk cream


12 Lei

Single espresso, milk cream

Flat White

13 Lei

Double espresso, 150 ml milk cream


14 Lei

Double espresso, 200 ml milk cream


16 Lei

Double espresso, 200 ml milk cream

Iced Coffee

Iced Americano

12 lei

Double espresso, water, ice

Iced Latte

15 lei

Double espresso, milk, ice

Freddo Flat White

15 lei

Frothed double espresso, milk, ice

Freddo Mocha

19 lei

Frothed double espresso +chocolate, milk, ice

Espresso Orange

16 lei

Double espresso, orange juice, ice

Espresso Tonic

20 lei

Double espresso, Fentimans Tonic Water, ice

Cold Brew

16 lei

Cold Brew, ice

Cold Brew Tonic

20 lei

Cold brew, Fentimans Tonic Water, ice

Alternative Drinks

Matcha Latte

15 lei

Matcha, milk cream

Vanilla Chai Latte

15 lei

Chai, milk cream

Matcha Orange

16 lei

Matcha, orange juice, ice

Elderflower Matcha Tonic

22 lei

Matcha, Fentimans Elderflower Tonic Water, ice

Current Coffee Selection

Espresso #1
Brazil Chapadao De Ferro (Natural)

Tastes like sweet dark chocolate, mandarin
Roasted by La Cabra

Espresso #2
Burundi Nemba

Tastes like pear, apricot, baked apple
Roasted by Three Marks Barcelona

Colombia Milky Cake (thermal shock washed)

Tastes like cardamom, pistachio, vanilla cake
Roasted by Dak Coffee Roasters

Kenya Blackberry Disco (washed)

Tastes like blackberry, rhubarb, wild strawberry
Roasted By Dak Coffee Roasters

Special Brew

Colombia Grenadine volume 2 (Natural)

Tastes like straberry, cherry, raspberry, pomegranate
Roasted by Dak Coffee Roasters

Colombia Candy Crush (Mossto Carbonic Maceration)

Tastes like Strawberry lollipop, Bubblegum, Marshmallow

Colombia Purple Haze (Experimental washed)

Tastes like Purple fruits, gummies, hazelnut paste


Banana Bread with chocolate

12 Lei

Orange Cake with white chocolate

12 Lei


12 Lei

We intentionally keep the menu simple and straightforward because it allows us to deliver the best product. We want people to have access to award-winning roasteries around the world and have a memorable coffee experience. Cheers, coffee lovers!